Blessed King Book Review

I have received this eARC copy of this title from the indie author, Karen Tomlinson in exchange for my honest review. My thanks goes to Karen of giving me chance to review this book!


 Cowgirl’s Rating: 5 of 5 stars

Genre: Fantasy, Romance-Older YA

Series: Book 1 of an Eight Kingdoms Novel

Publisher: Karen Tomlinson

Length: 314 Pages

Author Information: Website |Facebook

A quote from the book.



Blessed King (Eight Kingdoms, #1)


Karen Tomlinson (Goodreads Author)

The Blurb

An ill-fated king. A princess with a damning secret. And an army of phantom witches intent on destroying them both.

Returning from war, King Jack Oden and ‍Princess Lyana vow to rebuild the starving kingdom of Rhodainia.

When innocent children are found murdered, Lyana must risk all and enter the world of outlawed spell-weavers to seek the culprit.

As Jack fights for the survival of the kingdom, Lyana’s own secret threatens not only her chance to bring the killer to justice but more bloodshed and war.

With every life in the kingdom hanging in the balance, will Jack and Lyana lose themselves and their love in the coming battle?

After all, the phantoms are coming and they will annihilate everything to get what they want…

Dive into this romantic fantasy and join a cast of fabulous characters who will steal your breath, set your heart pounding and leave you yearning for more as they battle for a better world, a better future and a love that will transcend adversity.



This book is a spin off from her first series, The Goddess and The Guardians. You will meet Jack and Lyana in that series. Jack’s book takes place after the events in The Goddess and The Guardians books.


A rising voice in the fantasy genre. If you like Holly Black, Sarah J. Mass and Amelia Hutchines then you will like her. Her world is full of magic, royals, faes, and adventure. She will take you on a wild ride of Jack comeing back to be king of his kingdom and how he rebuilds it.

Once you start the first page then you will be hooked. That is what happen to me. The story has some action in it. I loved how Karen showed how Jack changed and I really gotten to know him in his book. I have gotten to know Lyana as well. This book shows us why Jack acts the way he does. He has had a bad childhood. His father was not there. When I first met Jack back in the first book of The Goddess and The Guardians, I did not like him. I kind of warmed up to him cause he is a great person as well as a king to his people and especially to Lyana. He is a loyal, good, and trusting friend to his men and to his love. He is a well-develop character.

Lyana is timid and a little shy. I related with her on so many things. One major thing she did not like is that she does not like violence. I am with her on that. Being with her on journey of how she did being engaged to Jack and with his kingdom and the murders, it was heart-wrenching in some parts. I will not say cause I don’t want to spoiled it. I hated those parts. But the rest of the book was great. Lyana is a well-develop character. The secondary characters were great. I loved Lyana’s guard, Karl and Nolden. You will meet Karl in the other series, just like with Jack and his love, and Nolden in the last half of the book.

Great worlding building in this book. A rich filled cultures, and history with Jack’s kingdom. She used great details to described the world.

The book ends with a cliffhanger and the second book will see a major war with Jack’s kingdom again. There was some twist and turns in this book. The ending, I was not excepting. It was a twist for me. Of how she put it together and looking back on it with hindsight, I loved it. You will not be disappointed if you get this book and read it. Take the chance and give it whirl!!

The conclusion in the second book, Wiccan Queen, about what happens to Lyana and to Jack’s kingdom.

Overall, this book was well-paced with some action and mystery mixed in. Some romance was mixed in and it did not over-take the story. Everything was well-blended. If you guys have read these books, tell me what you think.

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed it!


The third book of an Eight Kingdom is coming out in April.



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