Weekly Wrap Up Post #26

The weekly wrap up is where every week I will be talking about what happen during the week, what books I have finished, what books I have started, and the announcements of monthly TBRs, or seasonally TBRs and what ARCs I am doing.

On the Blog:

Last Week:

Weekly Wrap  Up Post #25

Kayla’s Gift (Powetools) by Jayne Rylon Book Review

This Week:

Weekly Wrap Up Post #26

Under the Summer Mistletoe by Stacy Weeks Book Review (Sorry about last week)

Currents reads:

Dallas by Kate Tilney

Finished Reads:

Owned by Lucia Jorden

Hard and Fast by Lucia Jorden

Coconutty Christmas: Holiday in Hawaii (Escape #3.5) by Ann Omasta


On Hold

Up Next:

Viva Las Villain by Cynthia Hickey

What have I watched:

Tv and Sports

What have I listened to:



Last week was busy. That is why I did not do the Under the Summer Mistletoe by Stacy Weeks Book Review. I did Kayla’s Gift. I have read all of the Powertools series except for the Christmas one. I am saving that until November. I have got the first book of the Hot rods series. I am hoping that I will start that one this Autumn. Last weekend was great!! I went camping in the mountains with family. I loved it! It felt nice to be in the mountains, to be in the fresh air, to be unplugged for awhile. I felt great. One last camping trip before Autumn. Which is next week. I hope your summer went great for you. My reading has picked up more again. I am going to be starting Viva Las Villain by Cynthia Hickey then I will be starting my other September TBR book or while reading Viva Las Villain. My favorite sport started last Thursday. Football!!


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