July and August Book Haul

Hello! It is time for the book haul again. I have brought a lot of books in the last two months. There are times that I can’t pass by free books. There is some free books on bookfunnel that I have found on Twitter. It is all ebooks and not physical books. DIGITAL PURCHASES and … Continue reading July and August Book Haul

March/April Book Haul

Hi. It is time for the book haul again. I have limit myself for going crazy for buying a lot of books unlike what I did in Jan and Feb. If you want to see how many books I got then click Here. I am hoping it is under 50 books. 20 books in March. … Continue reading March/April Book Haul

Jan/Feb book haul

Hello. I want to do a post of what books I get each month and keep track on how many books I get too. In the last two months, I got 124 eBooks. 5 on the prime library. Most of them are from kindle deals. Some were free cause they are very short stories. All … Continue reading Jan/Feb book haul