Monthly Wrap Up-August 2020

The end of summer is here. In three weeks until Autumn will be upon us once again! The days will turn crisp and cool with the rainbow colors of fall in the air! The echos of summer will be behind us! My favorite time of the year is ending soon! I hope you all are … Continue reading Monthly Wrap Up-August 2020

Monthly Wrap Up-July 2020 & 100th Post

This post will be the 100th post that I have made since I started blogging. I love blogging and having fun with it. Thank you for following me and taking the time to read my posts. It means a lot to me! I do appreciate it! Thank you again!! 🙂 Time is going by fast … Continue reading Monthly Wrap Up-July 2020 & 100th Post

Monthly Wrap up-June 2020

Tomorrow is the first of July!! Where has the first half of 2020 gone? I can't believe that! Summer is upon us! I am loving the 9 P.M. Sunsets. I have not gone swimming yet this summer. It is time for another monthly wrap up! My reading has picked up this month. Last month, I … Continue reading Monthly Wrap up-June 2020

Monthly Wrap-May 2020

The world is opening up slowly from being locked down. June has come. Summer is coming. Yay!! Bon fires, 9 P.M. sunsets, and swimming!! My reading did pick up a little this month. I rarely went out on the weekends in April. But this month was quite different. I have been doing stuff on the … Continue reading Monthly Wrap-May 2020

Monthly Wrap Up-April 2020

Last week of April. The last two months has been strange and seemed long. Hopefully next month will be on the uphill side and this will be the beginning of the pandemic's end. I hope you all are staying safe. It's time for another monthly warp up.  April was a slow month for me. My … Continue reading Monthly Wrap Up-April 2020

Monthly Wrap Up-March 2020

Last week of March then April starts soon. I can't believe that it is the last day of March. Hopefully things will start going back to normal. This is my first full month of blogging since I started. There was a little bumps in the road. But I think those bumps will over now. I … Continue reading Monthly Wrap Up-March 2020