Kayla’s Gift (Powetools) by Jayne Rylon Book Review


Danyelle AKA Cowgirl’s Rating: 5 of 5 stars
Genre: Contemporary Romance-Adult
Series: Powertools Series
Publisher: Jayne Rylon
Length: 153-Ebook
Author Information:
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One blizzard, two days, three men to keep her warm.

Naked is Kayla’s style. She’s exposed to bare skin more than the average person—like when she’s up to her elbows in massage oil, soothing the tired muscles of the construction crew building her new spa, a barter to offset some of the cost. Once it’s finished, she plans to open a private retreat for fellow naturists.

It should be a routine service. Yet for some reason, caressing the man on her table is blurring her normally crystal-clear distinction between nudity and sexuality. And stirring up kinky fantasies involving the rest of the crew.

She never intended to share details about her lifestyle-slash-business plan, not even with the open-minded, sexy crew. But when a faulty truck engine and one hell of a snowstorm trap the three men at her cabin, heat sears away her cover story—and her inhibitions.

Cocooned in blissful isolation, Dave, Neil and James show her that passion knows no barrier, with or without clothing. Leaving Kayla wondering if two days of mutual satisfaction will ever be enough…


This book and this series is reverse harem. There is no trigger warnings in this book.

This book has all the winter vibes to it! This book follows Dave from the crew and Kayla. This is the third installment to the Powertools series by Jayne Rylon. Kayla has hired the crew to help her build her resort. Kayla wants to develop her land around her home into a spa and retreat for other like minded people.

The book starts out with the crew working on Kayla’s deck. A snow storm came upon them and Mike and Joe went home to their women. Dave, Neil, and James stayed behind to clean up and the snow was really coming down hard. The three men was about to leave but due to unforeseen circumstance, they had to stay. They got snowed in at Kayla’s place.

I can see the plot here. It is about how Dave and Kayla got together. The attraction between them were believable. I like how the author interwoven the timelines of the other couples who got together before of how much time went by. I also like how we get see Mike and Kate, Joe and Morgan in this book and how they are doing. It is always nice to visit the characters who were previously in the last two books. I have developed an emotional connection with the crew and the women. The reason for that is there is emotion in these books. Even though, they have a lot of sex in them. This is my kind of books. Books with emotion in them. If the book has that in it, it is easier to get into the story and connect with the characters. For example, I connected with Morgan more than I did with Kayla. With her, I kind of found it hard to relate to her cause she ran around the house naked 24/7 and did it in front of the men. I just thought that was weird. Kayla is a free-spirited soul.

I like how these books that has seasons in them. This book would make a really great winter read. Just to sit by the fire while the snow is falling outside. Curled up in a blanket, with book and have hot chocolate on the coffee table beside you. This book gives you the winter feels. I read this book right after I got done with Morgan’s Surprise, in early March. I thought it was a good time to read it since it was late winter still.

If you pick up this book or this series then you will not be disappointed. This book has a tight-knit group who are best friends and sometimes lovers. You will get pulled into the story from the first page. So, go ahead. Give it a try.

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