Morgan’s Surprise Book Review


Danyelle AKA Cowgirl’s Rating: 5 of 5 stars

Genre: Contemporary Romance-Adult

Series: Powertools Series

Publisher: Jayne Rylon

Length: 152-Ebook

Author Information:

Website and Facebook


For a tasty birthday treat, add four men and stir.

Note to self: When confessing a crush on an ultra-hot construction worker to your best friend, make sure he’s not standing right behind you.

If Morgan thought spilling the beans on her lust for Joe would scare him off, she couldn’t have been more wrong. Following her birthday wish gone awry, the hunk is treating her to one surprise after another. From little things that make her smile to lavish, romantic dates, Joe is turning out to be the stuff of dreams

Joe’s attentions to the sexy pastry shop owner begin as lighthearted fun. Until he finds out about the past that, until now, has made her keep him at arm’s length. Determined to show her seeking pleasure is no crime, he sets out to fulfill her steamiest fantasies—with a little help from three of his best friends.

After a four-course birthday adventure, which presents Morgan as the sweetest imaginable dessert, she expects Joe to walk away. But now that Joe’s brought Morgan out of her shell, he’s hungry for something he never expected to crave—a forever kind of love.


This book and this series is reverse harem. There is no trigger warnings in this book.

This book has all the autumn vibes to it! This book follows Joe from the crew and Kate’s best friend, Morgan. Those two has a crush on each other. Joe has been helping Morgan with her bakery and hanging out for weeks. Morgan’s birthday is coming up and Joe wants to do something special for her. As you read through this book, the autumn vibe is in it until the end. I love how Jayne did this series throughout the seasons. It gives you the time frame of how long Mike and Kate has been going out and get to see how are they doing as well. Even tho, this book has sex in it, it also has emotions in it as well. That is what has hooked me on this series. I love books that has emotions in it. With that, it makes you care for the characters.

What Joe did on their first date was sweet and so romantic! He went to great lengths to impress Morgan. There is some background in this book. It was nice to see that as well. Joe wanted to make sure that his girl to be comfortable around him cause of her past.

Since the crew was doing some renovating done on Morgan’s bakery. The relationship between Joe and Morgan goes up to the next level. In this book, you can see the relationship develop throughout the book.

Here is the link to Morgan’s Surprise on Goodreads.


This book is after Kate’s Crew.


I will have the book reviews of book 3 to 6 throughout the rest of the summer.


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