Avalanche of Desire Book Review


Danyelle AKA Cowgirl’s Rating: 3 of 5 stars

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Series: The Brother Freed Series

Publisher: Kelly Stock

Length: 154-Ebook

Author Information:

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For Louisa, the Christmas period has never been full of joy and cheer, unless you counted a drunk mother and her trail of deadbeat boyfriends. So when she gets the opportunity to become a chalet girl in the resort of Alpe d’Huez in the French Alps she jumps at the chance. Only she gets more than she bargained for when her assigned family turn out to be three hot bachelor brothers with a penchant for partying and women. When Louisa is asked to join the brothers on a trip to a remote log cabin high up in the mountains she has no choice but to go or risk losing her job. Only things don’t go according to plan when a heavy snowstorm hits trapping Louisa and the three horny brothers for the entire Christmas weekend. Can Louisa fend off their advances or will she succumb to an Avalanche of Desire?

This is book one of the Brothers Freed series and is a reverse harem story with high heat levels. If you like one female with multiple love interests who are all happy about it, then this is for you! #whychoose


There is some trigger warnings in this book. It is in the beginning of the book where the MC is dealing with her mother. It is some verbal abuse and blackmail. The blackmail is later in the book.

This book is set in UK then in the French Alps. Those who reads this post are from the U.S.A, this will help you and it is also in the front of the book as well. I had to keep that in my mind while I reading this book. The author used UK British spellings and slang. There was a few times that I had to remember what a phase meant.

Louisa had a bad childhood when she was growing up. Her mother has been many bad boyfriends throughout her childhood. Her mother and EXs were always drunk. But somehow, the mother met a good man who wanted to help her. Louisa was hoping he would be one who will turn her mother around. He left them. Louisa still keeps in touch with him. He offered her a job at a ski resort in France. The French Alps as a chalet girl. She always felt compelled to make sure her mother was always safe, even if ricking her own safety. The opportunity of being away from her mother was what she needed. She took it.

Louisa and the Freed brother’s had backgrounds. All four of them has had a bad childhood. They understood each other and made a connection. The brothers had no real connection with any other women but her. When they arrived at the ski resort, the attraction was there between the brothers and Louisa. It was nice to see that connection. All of them build up a friendship since they were living together. Having that friendship in a relationship always helps! That is what Louisa wanted cause she didn’t want to be on the long list of women they slept with. I am glad the author had that idea in the book. All four of them grew close cause of that friendship. I loved seeing that friendship!

The setting the author choose caught my attention. Just being in the Alps in the winter, in like a cabin, is a romantic setting for me. I think the reason I did start this book is cause I was reading some mountain men books. I did not want to end streak. For me being at a ski resort in winter, I could picture the snow, the Alps, the people, everything in my mind. Cause I have had that experience before. I know what it feels like. It can make the book become more alive! The setting can be a character in a book too. I think it is important to know the setting to make us readers to be transporter there in our minds.

The story was good. There was a few things that I did not agree with and was not good. In one part, it put me off. I was surprised as well. I thought it was well written. I don’t want to put any spoilers in this review. Because I don’t ruin it for anyone who has not read it.

The book ends with a cliffhanger. That is ok cause I want to read the other two books to see what happens with them. This is a Reverse Harem book. If you like these kind of books then this book is for you.


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