An Unexpected Valentine by Linda Goodnight Book Review


Danyelle AKA Cowgirl’s Rating: 5 of 5 stars

Genre: Holiday Contemporary Romance

Series: None

Publisher:  LJG Publishing

Length: 49-Ebook

Author Information:




Marianne creates Valentine’s Day magic for everyone else—but her own holiday hopes have never come true.

Florist Marianne has the best first date of her life.
And then she finds out her oh-so-charming beau Cliff is none other than the player who frequently orders multiple bouquets—for different women!—from Marianne’s flower shop.
Marianne decides to teach Cliff a lesson. But the closer they get, the more her emotions get tangled…

Linda Goodnight is a New York Times and Publisher’s Weekly bestselling author of more than 3 million books sold. Enjoy this short story now.


I wanted to read a short story last month. I saw this book. I thought it sounded like a great one. I brought it cause it was free. It was a cute story. I loved it. This story was relatable to me. Cause in my single years, I didn’t like Valentines day so much. I always treated it like another day. So, it was nice to find a book like that. The main character was relatable in that sense.

It follows a woman named Marianne Adams, florists. She co-owns the business with Tess Wells (who is happily married and six month pregnant.) and the busiest day has come. It is Valentine’s Day. She has been depressed even since her brake up three years ago.

A man, Cliff Hudson, who calls every year to order roses to four different women. Marianne has never met him cause he always order over the phone. One night, she was heading over to the retirement home. She had a chance meeting with this man who helped her out throughout the night. If you want to know the rest then it is free on Amazon Kindle.

I thought the story was great. There is a little mystery to it cause of the man she meets at the retirement home and the four women. Sometimes, I like a little mystery. It keeps you guessing. I love the relationship that Marianne has with Tess, her friend and business partner. Tess was always there when Marianne needed to talk or when she needed her. I thought the characters had depth to them.

A great warm, funny, short romance for the Valentine’s day season!

Here is the link to the book.



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