Weekly Post #19

The weekly wrap up is where every week I will be talking about what happen during the week, what books I have finished, what books I have started, and the announcements of monthly TBRs, or seasonly TBRs and what ARCs I am doing.

On the Blog:

Last Week:                                                  This week:

Anticipated Most Reads-August 2020         Monthly Wrap-July 2020

Weekly Post #18                                                 Monthly TBR-August

Top Ten Tuesday                                                  An Unexpected Valentine Book Review

Catatonic by T.M. Stark book review            Sweet Surrender by Sav R. Miller Book Release

Currents reads:

Meant To Be by Melody Grace-77%


Finished Reads:

Avalanche of Desire



Will be starting it back up in Autumn.

Up Next:

On hold again

What have I watched:


What have I listened to:



I hope your summer is going great so far. My summer is going good. I am going on a lot of adventures here lately. They are always on the weekends. I have finally finished Avalanche of Desire. I am happy about that. My reading barely picked up but I have not been reading on the weekends because I am so busy. My mood has been great. Hopefully this week or next week, my reading will pick up. My summer TBR only has two books on it. I want to start one of those soon. July is coming to an end. I will be doing my monthly wrap up, my monthly TBR and weekly book review this week. Every week, I will try to do Top Ten Tuesday. Have a great week and stay cool as well!!


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