Zeke (Kings of the Mountain) Book Review


Danyelle AKA Cowgirl’s Rating: 4 of 5 stars

Genre: Contemporary Romance-Adult

Series: Kings Of The Mountain Series

Publisher: Kate Tilney

Length: 42-Ebook

Author Information:

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Broke and out of work, I’m giving up on my Hollywood dreams to move back home. That is, until bad weather and a bum catalytic converter leave me stranded on a mountain in Montana.

When a hunky volunteer firefighter/ single dad rescues me, it seems my life may be looking up at last.

Since my ex walked out to chase the limelight years ago, it’s just been me, my son, and my crew at the firehouse. But when I find Britt, my world opens up.

Am I enough to satisfy her, or will the call of the screen pull her away from all I have to offer?


This is fifth and last book in this series of Kings of the Mountain. It’s about a single father who lives in a mountain cabin with his son and the grandpa helps out. When Britt’s car brakes down on the highway in Montana. That is when the father comes by and saves her. After some bad luck after 6 years living in LA, trying to become an actress in movies, she is heading home. So when her car brakes down, Zeke being a firefighter, pulls over and see if she is alright. Ever since then, they have been attracted to each other.

When Britt meet Zeke’s son, she falls in love with him. I love that about that part of the story. Britt showed Zeke that she loves his son and loves spending time with him as well. It is just made my heart swell with love. That is my favorite part of the story. Britt and Zeke’s son relationship growing in front of the reader’s eye.

Zeke was kind of stand-offish when he first met Britt. Cause of what happen in the past. As time goes on, his wall’s slowly starts to break down. His love for Britt grew as each day passes. Once they went on a hike, that’s when he knew he didn’t want her to go.

It was nice to see the chemistry between Zeke and Britt were sizzling. This book will pull at your heart strings. The setting was place a small town in the Montana. The characters had some background to them and some depth.

This book was a nice end to the series. I did enjoy this mountain man series. A must read series. I hope you enjoy these books if you do choose to read them!

Have great 4th of July Weekend!! Be Safe!!


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