Weekly Post #9

The weekly wrap up is where every week I will be talking about what happen during the week, what books I have finished, what books I have started, and the announcements of monthly TBRs, or seasonly TBRs and what ARCs I am doing.

Currents reads:

Blame it on Mistletoe by Noelle Fox (14%)

Swashbuckling Cats (Nine Lives On The Seven Seas) (28%)-ARC


Finished Reads:

Devious Intentions


Swashbuckling Cats (Nine Lives On The Seven Seas)


Up Next:

Nailed To The Wall by Jayne Rylon


What have I watched:

Nothing new. Just TV.

What have I listened to:

Country on the radio


This week has been great for me. Last weekend, I went on a hike and got to be in the mountains again. My favorite season is here. Mid to Late Spring to early Summer. I hope you all have great a Memorial Day weekend! My mental health has been great this week also. My reading has picked up now. I set Blame it on Mistletoe aside for now. I want to get the ARC done.

I found an ARC that I wanted to read. It is about cats living on water. It is Swashbuckling Cats. It is an Anthology of short stories about cats being pirates. It is a great book so far.


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