Brock (Kings Of The Mountain) Book Review

aviary-image-1584976510967I will be doing book reviews on the books in this box set. I may or may not do it every week but there will be a reviews on these books. The first one I am doing is Brock.



Danyelle AKA Cowgirl’s Rating: 4 of 5 stars

Genre: Contemporary Romance-Adult

Series: Kings Of The Mountain Series

Publisher: Kate Tilney

Length: 40-Ebook

Author Information:

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I went for a walk in the wilderness to find inspiration for my paintings. But after a few wrong turns, I found something else: him.

He’s like his mountain—strong and mysterious. He saved my life and offered to get me home. But when his hands touch me, I think I might already be there.

I left my life behind to carve out a new one. Alone. But the moment I see her, it’s like the first time I saw my mountain. I know I have to make her mine.

She came to my mountain for inspiration, but she just might be my muse instead.

Kings of the Mountain is a series of steamy, sweet, insta love short story romances. Check out BROCK if you like curvy heroines and alpha heroes who fall hard and fast while carving out their happily ever after.


This is my first book of the Mountain Men books. What attracted me to this series is the setting in the mountains. I have spent many hours in the mountains. When I found it was in Montana, I thought that was cool. I have been to that state and drove through it on I-90. It is a very beautiful state. I read this book when the pandemic first started. I had a mountain escape when I was in the city. I let my mind go to the mountains and let myself smell in the pine on the wind breeze, the sun shining on me through the tree branches, and hear the birds chirping near by as Aida went on the hike with the group tour.

The romance between Brock and Aida was sweet and great chemistry and quick. They were so sweet to each other. They were great with each other. Their personalities seemed to click. Their love story make you believe at second chances about love.

Kate did an awesome job on the plot! The book will take a hold of you and grab your attention til the end.


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