Big (A Real Man #20) by Jenika Snow Book Review


Danyelle AKA Cowgirl’s Rating: 4 of 5 stars

Genre: Contemporary Romance-Adult

Series: In ‘A Real Man’ Series

Publisher: Jenika Snow

Length: 102-Ebook

Author Information:



They called him Big for more than one reason.


I had everything I could want in life. My own career, a house with property, and respect in my community.

But what I didn’t have was her.

Landry. Owner of the town’s cleaning service.

For five long years, I’d pined after her. I watched her from afar, thought only about her, hell, fantasized about Landry when I was alone. And for five years, I’d stayed celibate, because Landry was the only woman I wanted in my life in every way.

My self-control when it came to her should have won me a medal, but that tightly reined in desire had slipped and I was done holding myself back.

So I told her I needed her help—her talents in making my place livable. What she didn’t know was it was just to get her to my place, to tell her, show her she was always meant to be mine.


When I realized it was Big who wanted my services, I didn’t know if I could go through with it. I loved him, had for years, but I was inexperienced in all things romantic, so being honest and just telling him how I felt wasn’t an option. But when I found myself in his home… with him watching me, I knew I’d fail miserably at trying to act like I didn’t want him.

And when things come on hard and fast, I know there’s no going back. I’m about to give Big every part of myself, including my virginity, but then again, I know that’s what he wants.

Me, in his life, as his. Forever.


Big and Landry’s story was so sweet and it was a slow burn also. They had a crush on each other for five long years. So, Big had enough of it and wanted to make a move. He did. If you want to know the rest then you would have to read the book. There are many books in this series. I want to read more books. I already did a review for the first one. Click Here!

I love it when the setting in the mountains. I have spent many hours in mountains. So it hits close to home with me. This series really caught my attention. This book did as well. There was enough detail of the surroundings.  If you let yourself, you could be transported to the mountains in your mind. To breath the fresh mountain air and see the jagged peaks hitting the bright blue sky!! I loved it! The setting was a plus for me. Jenika did a great job!

The chemistry between Big and Landry was sizzling and intense. It was romantic and a cute love between them.  At first, they were unsure at first to say their feelings to each other. They had sexual tension for each other as well. They were great for each other. It was nice to see Big get the girl he wants.

It is slow at first but you will get some action in this book. Don’t let the fear of rejection stop you of getting what you want. I would recommend this book! I enjoyed this book!!




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