Monthly Wrap Up-April 2020

Last week of April. The last two months has been strange and seemed long. Hopefully next month will be on the uphill side and this will be the beginning of the pandemic’s end. I hope you all are staying safe. It’s time for another monthly warp up.  April was a slow month for me. My reading slowed down. There was days that I didn’t feel like reading. I started and finished Mine this last weekend.

It will start from least enjoyable to most enjoyable.

 Completed Reads:

  1. Mine by Lucia Jorden
  2. Rhett by Kate Tilney
  3. Flint by Kate Tilney
  4. Max by Kate Tilney
  5. Zeke by Kate Tilney
  6. Big by Jenika Snow


Rhett, Flint, Max, and Zeke are in a box set by Kate Tilney. I read the first book last month. All those books on that series are great ones.





2 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap Up-April 2020

    1. Right. Thank you. I hope May will be good for me. I hope next month will be a good one for you as well. 😃


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