A New Book Release


This book just came out today by Karen Tomlinson. This is the third book in the series of An Eight Kingdom Novel. The book follows a wounded warrior on his journey and on that is where he finds love. A broken green winged fae warrior on a tasked from his king to learn more about himself.


A broken warrior. A human healer. A curse that will unite them…or shatter them forever.


After surviving the war of the Eight Kingdoms, Commander Attion Sarou finds his identity blurring. Tasked by his king and queen to learn more about his green magic and healing talents, Attion discovers himself in uncharted territory when he falls for Meri, a human healer burdened by a debilitating curse. But Attion is a killer, not a healer. It’s where his talent lies. And when his aggressive fae desires surface and his emotions slip from his control, Attion becomes determined to let Meri live free of his toxic presence. Forcing himself to leave her behind, he sets off on a quest to find a cure for the cruel curse that plagues this beautiful healer.


Meri isn’t frightened by Attion’s brutal history – or by Attion himself. But demons seem to haunt the green-winged fae warrior. When he leaves without telling her why, Meri stubbornly resolves to be the one to conquer those demons for him—even if it means risking her life, and her heart, to vanquish them.


As they each embark on their own quests, Attion and Meri face magic and conflict that places both their lives in unforseen jeopardy.


Can a warrior with a broken past, and the cursed human healer who has unlocked his heart, survive the dangers they face as they struggle to reunite?


Buy Emerald Warrior today and submerge yourself in a fantasy world of fae warriors, magic, battles, romance and more…

The links if you want to get this book!

Amazon US

Amazon UK 



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