Crown Of Midnight Book review

Cowgirl’s Overall rating : 4 stars Witness Celaena’s job as being the King’s Champion. The sequel to the New York Times bestselling Throne of Glass book. The Assassin’s Blade is the prequel.

It was published on August 13, 2013

This review contains very vaguely spoilers. This book is not for younger YA. It is only for older YA. This book contains violence and gore and limbs of dead bodies. Very mild implied sexual content.

In this book, there is a lot more action, plot twists and turns and elements than in the first book. This book finds its direction than in the first book. It has a lot more plot building too. This one took me on a ride of heartbreak, surprise, loss and so many other emotions. After I got done reading the book, I had a book hangover. Cause I did not have the third book. I was wanting go back into that world and see what happen to everyone. If you don’t have the third book after you get done reading this book than it will leave with a book hangover.

The book focus on Celaena’s jobs for the King while making discovers in the castle. This one job the king will lay on her to assassinate someone who might be in a rebel group. This job will cost her everything she holds dear. She is still friends with the Ellywe princess, Nehemia. But She has gotten closer to Captain of Guard, Chaol.

In this book, you will see more of the city and land around it. There is more world-building in this book. As you go along, the world-building has expanded with each book. I thought it was done beautifully.

I still like Chaol and Nehemia and the dog, Fleetfoot. I fell in love with them more and has gotten to know them a little more too. I still don’t like Dorian. He was still myself in this but did not like what was happening between his two friends.

Overall, I think it was a great book. Great plot and great characters. Like I said before, this book is not for younger YA. I would not let my son or my daughter read this series until they were seventeen or eighteen.

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