Tuesday Weekly Post #1

The weekly wrap up is where every week I will be talking about what happen during the week, what books I have finished, what books I have started, and the announcements of monthly TBRs, or seasonly TBRs and what ARCs I am doing.


Current Reads:

  1. Avalanche of Desire by Bea Page

  2. Night Shifter by Lucia Ashta

  3. Freshman Witch by Ingrid Seymour & Katie French

  4. Morgan’s Suprise by Jayne Rylon

  5. Moonrise by Drew Vandyke & David Vandyke




Recently finished:

I did not get the books finished like I have wanted to. This winter has been very hard on me because of my mental health. I know my depression and anxiety has been high. Until I get on some medications, I think it is going to be slow about finishing books. Some books help me and some don’t. Thank you for bearing with me.

  1. Crescent City (Except) by Sarah J. Maas



None. Postponing until I take care of my mental health. I will keep you updated about the ARCs.


Up Next:

I am going to try with one book at a time when I finish one of my current reads.

  1. Magic Academy-A short story collection by many authors


What am I listening to:

Mainly to the radio


What have I watched:

Frozen 2

5 stars from me. I thought it was cute movie. The plot was great. We get to know more about Elsa and Anna’s parents and where they come from and how their past came back to their daughters. A great family movie.




It has been over a week since I did the weekly post. I had to change the days cause of my work schedule. Tuesdays will be the weekly posts and Fridays will the book reviews and ARCs. Special Posts will anytime of the week. The TBRs will be anytime of the week. The book hauls will be on Wednesday of every other month. My next one will be in end of April.

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