Special Post-Books that you have a connection with or to be seen in

Here is a special post and some changes are taking place. I am sorry for not posting yesterday! On Fridays will a book review or an ARC book review instead of my weekly post. That will be replacing the Tuesday book review. Next Tuesday is when I will post my weekly post. My work schedule and getting up early and going to bed early has not given me much time to write at the end of week. The book reviews are easy and fast to write.

Today’s post will be has there been any books that you feel a connection to or can be seen in?

I have thought about that and there are some books I do feel connected to. There is this one book that popped into my mind. I was quite surprised. It is a hard question with really thoughtful answer. My list of books:

1. Wild Rain by Christine Feehan

She made the jungle come alive. It seemed that you could almost hear the jungle sounds. It’s like being in the jungle.

2. Oceans of Fire by Christine Feehan

It was ocean, the bond between the sisters, and the main heroin. 

3. The Twilight before Christmas by Christine Feehan

My dream is to become an published author. So, I connected with Kate right away. 

4. Unknown at this time. 

I don’t remember the name of the book or the name of the author. But it was a non fiction book. It is about her dog always going for a walk around the neighborhood every day. One day she follows him. It’s about her life as a dog owner and what she learns from them. This book I can see myself in. 

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