SirAngel Siren Magic Book Review

Sirangel Siren Magic Book One by Lucia Ashta


The Magical Creatures Academy has sent its finest fairies to recruit her.

As a hybrid shapeshifter—half siren, half angel—Selene is one of a kind.

It’s a label that makes her the target of a rebel faction of supernatural creatures that seeks to claim her power.

But her power is undeveloped and more a danger to herself than an aid. Yet her magic is her only advantage over the vicious vampires and fierce shifters who seek to eliminate her.

Soon Selene is on the run in an unfamiliar world and unable to return to her ocean home. At least she’s not alone. Quinn, a shifter with his own secrets, has her back. Selene and Quinn must find a way to escape those that hunt them while surviving their unstable powers. But can Quinn help her stop vampires and shifters who’ve had centuries to master their abilities?

Siren Magic is the start of an exciting new magic-filled urban fantasy in the Magical Creatures Academy world, featuring a starry-eyed siren, one hot shifter, fearsome vamps, and fairies with ‘tude ten times their size.



Cowgirl’s Rating: 4 of 5 stars

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Young Adult

Series: First Book

Publisher: Lucia Ashta

Length: 244 Pages-Paperback

Author Information: Website and Facebook


This book is currently free on Amazon Prime and Unlimited. I read it on Amazon Prime. This is the very first book that I read and finished by her. Before I started this one, I started Night Shifter. I made it to 4% then I stopped reading that book to read this one. I am glad I did because I went onto the author’s website. I saw the reading order. She wrote this one to be first before Night Shifter. When I saw that, I was glad I did. I started that book, Night Shifter again cause that book is in my March TBRs. I am at 10%.

After seeing the mermaid on the cover, I was sold. I knew I wanted to read this book. For a while now, I have been wanting to read mermaid books. I was envisioning being in the ocean, with marine life and the merpeople. Boy, was I wrong. The very first book that has a mermaid in it is still on land. Selene is the name of the siren. She is one of the few in her clan. The leader, Sea Witch Mulunu sent her to two shifters on land cause of what she is. She is a Sirangel- Half siren and half angel. She is a hybrid. First of her kind. I like the idea of the hybrid. It is said that Angels do not breed. So, that is a big shocker. The Sea Witch transported her to a rugged fierce shifter’s house. He has a nephew with him, Quinn. Normally, we find out what kind of shifter someone is very quickly. In this case, the secret was revealed about towards the end of the book. The author did not reveal what Quinn. He is a shifter also. Either book 2 or 3, we find out of what Quinn is. This book was not what I was expecting.

The book was in Selene’s POV. So after reading the descriptions of what the author used. I loved it. Like this one line in she used in the book. ‘her translucent wings flopping against her back like wet kelp.’ I found a book that used that kind of descriptions. I fell in love with book. But the book still got 4 stars from me. The first 15 chapters is just one big scene. First when she came into the shifter’s house. She sorted out the a powerful witch’s wards. Which was powerful enough to be felt by anybody around the world, I guess. Since the supernatural creatures felt her magic and wants it for themselves. Danger is coming for her. Now, after she gets up and feels better after the wards tries to kill her. Sir Lancelot sent his two fairies to recruit Selene to the Magical Creatures Academy. Fianna the Crimson and Nessa the Sapphire. They are small as hummingbirds. Then after that, we get to meet the witch who put wards around the house. After Chapter 15, they get out of the house. From around chapter 11 or 12 to Chapter 15, their is action.

The characters were great. I loved them. Some of them were sassy, stubborn, and cunny.  They were well developed. My favorite ones were Selene, Quinn, and Sir Lancelot. You can see the uncle and nephew relationship is tight. I like to see that in books.

There was some action in this book but it did move slow.  One long big scene. This book was a great one. I look forward to read book 2 and 3. And to read them in order with the Magical Creatures Academy’s books. Since the author did that on propose. Which I think is a great idea!! Give this book a try if it interest you.I

A quote from The book.

“The ocean has been known to harbor stranger happenings,” Irving said, the only one who looked as if he might believe me. “I’ve seen things upon the seas that I scarcely believed.”