Assassin’s Blade Review


photogrid_1582048787470Overall rating : 4 stars

Witness Celaena’s rise and downfall as Adarlan’s Assassin in this collection of five prequel novellas to the New York Times bestselling Throne of Glass series…

The Blurb

Assassin’s Blade is a collection of novellas, served as a backstory to the Throne of Glass series. These novellas follows Celaena Sardothien’s life, all the way up to the Salt Mines of Endovier. Celaena Sardothien was brought up in Rifthold, and trained to become Adarlan’s Assassin. Celaena is duty-bound to Arobynn Hamel, He is the one who provided her with a home at the Assassin’s Guild and taught her the deadly skills she needed to survive. And yet Celaena listens to no one and trusts only one person. The person she trusts is her fellow killer for hire, Sam.

The Assassin and the Pirate Lord is the first novella. Celaena and her rival, Sam Cortland, are sent on a mission to seal a deal in the slave trade with the pirate lord, Captain Rolfe, Lord of the Pirates. Refusing to seal the deal, Celaena and Sam must find a way to free the two hundred slaves without attracting attention from Rolfe or have word reach Arobynn.

The Assassin and The Healer follows on from The Assassin and the Pirate Lord. After being beaten by Arobynn for disobedience, Celaena is sent to the Deserted Land to train with the Mute Master and his Silent Assassins for a month. While waiting for the ship to take her to the Deserted Land, Celaena meets Yrene Towers — a healer, working as a barmaid, and wishing to seek further education for her abilities. After an attempted attack, Celaena teaches Yrene how to defend herself for when she decides to leave for a better life.

The Assassin and The Desert follows on from The Assassin and the Healer. After their stunt with Captain Rolfe of Skulls Bay Celaena and Sam returned to the Assassins’s keep and are severely punished by their master, the King of the assassins Arobynn Hamel . Celaena, after being beaten prutalmente was forced to train in the red desert together with the master mute. Among the hot sun and the sand dunes Celaena holds a friendship that leave more than a few broken bones.

The Assassin and The Underworld continues on from The Assassin and the Desert. Returning to Rifthold and her life at the Assassin’s Keep, Celaena finally runs into Sam, only to find that he’s been spending time with Lysandra, a courtesan whom Celaena has despised since she was ten. Celaena and Sam are sent to assassinate Doneval and his business partner for attempting to arrange a way to improve the slave trade. Following a staggering deception from one she trusts the most, Celaena must gather courage to fulfil her wish to move out of the Guild and begin again.

The Assassin and The Empire follows from The Assassin and the Underworld. After paying off her debt to Arobynn, Celaena moves out and brings Sam with her. In order to escape the hold that Arobynn has on her, Celaena must complete one more mission: to assassinate Ioan Jayne and his sadistic guard, Rourke Farran. Aware of the disturbing and deadly consequences of being caught, Celaena and Sam decide to work together to accomplish the mission. Celaena will receive the ultimate betrayal and lose what she holds most dear.


Events from these Novellas do come into play in later books. I am glad I read it right after I read the first one, Throne Of Glass. I like how these five novellas all connected. You would have to read the novellas in order. Cause I don’t think they are stand alone books. The plot was good and engrossing. The pace was good too. There was no scenes to slow the pace down. The characters were all lovely and well-develop too. I did have a favorite character in The Assassin and The Desert. But I was in a surprise towards the end. I could relate to Celaena about that too.

This book gives you the background story of Celaena and what happened before she got caught. Some novella will show you some of her personality and others will be lessons.

The Assassin and Desert novella was one of my favorite ones Those who know me will know right away. It is my favorite scene. My least favorite novella was The Assassin and The Underworld. My least favorite scene was when Celaena killed someone. Yes, it is a spoiler but I won’t say which novella is it in. The Assassin’s Blade was great read!

The Throne of Glass series is written by an American Author, Sarah J. Maas. She has become my favorite YA author. She had a whole new series coming out next month. It is an adult Urban Fantasy. The name is Crescent City.  It is on Pre-sale right now. The first five chapters are out already. The book goes on sale on March, 3. Less than a month away. Here is the cover.


She has another YA series out. A Court of Thrones and Roses.


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